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Easy Sketch - iPhone Application (Get it now!!! - Apple AppStore)

# Introduction #

Maybe you have thought about taking a picture and drawing an image of what you want.

Easy Sketch is an application that makes your dreams come true.

# Characteristics #

1. Anybody can draw delightfully, not only an artist but also who is interested in drawing. 
2. Croquis, drawing, oil painting, and so on.
3. You can easily upload it on twitter and DDStudio Gallery twitter.
4. Your draft is saved your gallery folder so you can open the file and view to make changes at anytime. 

# Fundamental notions #

If you have a picture or an image that you you want to draw, you should put a transparent paper on top and follow the line of the image. 
copy the line.
Not only should you simply follow the lines but also add your unique sense of style amd touch adding a slight personality

# Tips #
Use a smaller brush when you start sketching, and magnify your image as much as you can and 
draw each part.

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