Voodoo doll's halloween story - iphone application

Voodoo doll's halloween story

It's halloween story of voodoo doll.

Writer : Eunbong Yang
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Movie Costume

Movie Costume - (Get it now!!!Apple AppStore)

YouTube Movie : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1Y5JNMWLIY

[Description] This is an application decorate yourself a feature on a picture to your favorite game, move, animation's hero or heroine. Change yourself your picture to a movie star or an animation character. Movie Costume provide 77 of diverse images to make possible for that. And more, you can make a brand new costume as mix and various composite the part. And we have a plan to more image updating. [Feature] 1. More intuitive user interface. 2. All 77 of diverse costume. 3. Possible to make various costume with the part composition. 4. Option to saving a cropping part only. 5. Support an exclusive user' twitter gallery. 6. Each costume's image enlarge/reduce/rotate function. [Tutorial] 1. Run application. 2. Select new costume. 3. Choose an image on [iphone : photo albums] or take a picture(iphone only). 4. When you choose an picture, costume selection screen will be come out, then choose each costume in the selection part. Selected costume will be located "Selected Costume" in the bottom line. When you select the costumes on Selected Costume and then a click the trash button, you can erase unnecessarily costumes. After all you choose, then click ok button, [Decorating Screen] will be come out. 5. Chosen costumes will be on the upper end bar. select costumes which you want to use. Chosen one will be located on the middle of the screen. Applied costumes will be piled on the bottom bar. On the bottom bar, you can move the image up and down with "Up" and "Down" button. 6. When you drag a diagonal touch with two fingers, you can control scale and angle. Scale and angle are depend on the direction of diagonal. If you want to move costumes touch with one finger then move. Same costumes will be possible to select. "Opacity" on the bottom can control the opacity. 7. With "Zoom" button on left side of opacity, you can control zoom. "Trash" button on right side of opacity can erase the selected costume. 8. If you want to add more costume, choose " + "button on the top of the screen. When you complete your work, click ok then, the work will transfer to the saving screen. 9. On the Image Saving Screen, there are options to select cropping function, image saving, and twitter upload. If you want to new image works, click new button. Notice : In the cropping function, touch on each edge line with one finger, you can control size of cropping area.

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Movie Costume  (5) 2009.09.16
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Easy Sketch

Easy Sketch - iPhone Application (Get it now!!! - Apple AppStore)

# Introduction #

Maybe you have thought about taking a picture and drawing an image of what you want.

Easy Sketch is an application that makes your dreams come true.

# Characteristics #

1. Anybody can draw delightfully, not only an artist but also who is interested in drawing. 
2. Croquis, drawing, oil painting, and so on.
3. You can easily upload it on twitter and DDStudio Gallery twitter.
4. Your draft is saved your gallery folder so you can open the file and view to make changes at anytime. 

# Fundamental notions #

If you have a picture or an image that you you want to draw, you should put a transparent paper on top and follow the line of the image. 
copy the line.
Not only should you simply follow the lines but also add your unique sense of style amd touch adding a slight personality

# Tips #
Use a smaller brush when you start sketching, and magnify your image as much as you can and 
draw each part.

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Easy Sketch  (2) 2009.08.16
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